Sunday, 22 April 2018

End of Season Friendly as Home to Mellor

Although no official match report, thought it would be nice to put up a few photos of the game at Home to Mellor.  Some good passages of play from both teams, ended with a Mellor victory.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Last Game of the Season at Home to Norbury

It is incredibly rare to have such a low scoring game at this level of Junior lacrosse, but that's exactly what we were treated to.  It wasn't a slow game, or even a bad game, it was a tight well fought game of junior lacrosse, with lots of end to end action.  Good movement 'On' and 'Off' the ball, with both keepers playing well.
We always knew this would be a close game, and we invited all the more senior U12s to play for the last time at this level (some of them have played for 5 years plus at U12s), and it will be sad to move on, but move on they must, as they grew older, and more talented they need to be pushed and tested at higher levels.
The first quarter seen us, race to a 3-1 lead, with 2 goals from Luca and 1 from Rhys, with 2 of these coming from Assists from Rhys and Hugo.  Uncharacteristically, we never managed to score in Q2, and Norbury scored 3 leaving ourselves trailing 3-4 at half time.  Q3, seen a couple of goals from Hugo and Jay, before Q4 proved scoreless for both teams.  Leaving ourselves, victors on the day, at the end of a good season (decimated by weather), we can look back and be thankful to all our new recruits, the reality that we will have an U14s team for the first time in 4 seasons, and believe it has been a success.

An Excellent First Season - George

2 Well taken Goals This Morning

Lots of Support

Good to See Rhys Playing with the U12s, having spent large parts of the Season at U14s

The future is bright for Young Daniel

Hugo doing the defensive work

Little & Large

A lot more about technique than size

Jump to It!

At present our only Year 7 Next Year

Wil doing his defensive work well as usual

Scored 2, time for a Lie Down

Little Henry making sure Norbury Know he is there

Stockport queuing up

Not something you see everyday.  Our ever dependable referee (Ed) running

Last pearls of wisdom from the U12s Coaching Team

James was strong in Defence today

Luca about to topple over

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

U12s Away against Timperley A

It has been an awful long time since we last wrote anything in the U12s Blog, (9 weeks in total).  With a number of the more experienced players playing up at U14s (Cup Semi Final Away at Mellor) it provided us with an opportunity to show our strength in depth and let the young guns have a go against one of the strongest teams at U12s this year.
Despite the final score, please don't take anything away from this young & inexperienced team.  11 Players (8 under 10 - 1 Playing his 3rd game & 1 other playing his first)
To be fair to the Stockport team their average age was about 10 years old 
this is probably obvious in some of the pictures.
We tried hard in midfield and got stuck in, and occasionally won the ball and put some passes together and made some offensives moves.
James was strong standing up to the Timperley aggressiveness in defence.
Josh was very busy in Goal on the Timperley counter attack as they were just to fast for the younger Stockport players to engage but on occasion made some funny saves when it looked like a goal was inevitable.
The Coach reassured the keeper not to worry too much about their Goals in case he went under.
The snow storm that came became a distraction as well as the cold and we lost count of the score at one point.  The fourth quarter the game was almost abandoned with the amount of snow falling but the boys wanted to play on.
Timperley despite being told used unnecessary roughness at times which detracted from their game as they really played quite well and due to the age of our team, we really could have done without it.
Final score 18-2, with a couple from James.
Pre Game Huddle