Sunday, 21 October 2012

U12s away at Mellor

An action-packed game, in the bright, wintry sunshine unfortunately saw the U12s first real defeat (round-robins don't count!) of the season so far.
Lots of effort from the team, but some work to do on our passing play, moving into space and more shots on target!
Final Score:  Mellor 13 - Stockport 4
Quarter scores:  3-2 / 1-1 / 4-1 / 5-0
Scorers: Matias, Danny, Ren, Cameron

Next fixtures - U12s at home vs Norbury
U14s - away at Mellor

Head over heels!

Hold 'em back, Ryan


Chase that ball

Lying down on the job

Throw-in from Sam

Luca Longpole

Bending to it

Watch out behind you!

In the thick of it

Having a quick lie down

Leaping into defence

Over he goes

Shouldering through

Moody lighting shot

Ren under attack!

How did that one slip past?

Nearly there

Round robin against Timperley A

Things looked up in the game against Timperley with a good performance, and a winning score.
Stockport 8 Timperley 4
Scorers: Danny, Cameron, Ryan

At the ready

Taking a knee

U12s vs Sheffield in the round-robin

In the round robin game against Sheffield, what looked like a promising start turned into the first defeat of the season with final score of Stockport 3, Sheffield 4
Goals from Danny and Matias
Thanks to Herman and Ric for the photos and score keeping.

In hot pursuit

Luca lobs it!

Over he goes!

Back of the net

Watch out!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Away over to Sheffield

Whilst the U12s hosted Sheffield, the U14s were hosted by them the other side of the Pennines.  For once, it was actually warm and sunny, and the U14s got off to a good start, winning the first quarter.
With a fight back from Sheffield in Q2 & 3, Stockport were back on top in Q4 to finish with a win.

Final Score:  Sheffield 8 : Stockport 14
Quarter scores:  1-4 / 3-3 / 3-3 / 1-4

Next fixture (U14): at home vs Timperley A

Next fixture (U12): away at Mellor

Looking just the part

Swerving to goal



I'll take that, thanks

Bit high that!

Winding up for a shot

Catch him, Thomas!

Feeling faint..?

Dodgin' Mike

Good stick check Ed



One down, one to go!

Getting stuck in

Don't nudge me now

What's that then?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Match no. 2 - round robin for U12s, B&E for U14s

The U12s went to Heaton Mersey for 2 short games against Heaton Mersey, and the merged WACS/Heaton Mersey Guild (WMG) team.
A good start in the first game with a win against Heaton Mersey in a game of 2 x 15mins halves.
Well done to Luke for not only scoring his first goal, but scoring two!
Welcome to the team Sam West - playing his first lacrosse game today.

Final Score : Heaton Mersey 3 : Stockport 13
1st half : 2-6  2nd half : 1-7
Scorers:  Danny, Cameron, Ryan, Luke, Ren, Harrison

U14s - at home, the U14s met Boardman & Eccles and finished with a convincing 16-2 win.

Next fixtures:
U12s at home vs Sheffield and Timperley A
U14s away vs Sheffield!

Up, up and away

Goal for Ryan

A hat-trick for Ryan today

Who's going to get it first?

Big strides forward

2nd game vs WMG

A bit tired, but riding high on the back of a win, the U12s went into the second mini-match of the day looking to stay on top. Although WMG got the first goal, it was the only time during the game they were ahead with Stockport winning the first half 2-4.

Final Score : Stockport 7 : WMG 3
1st half 4-2.  2nd half 3-1
Scorers: Danny, Cameron, Ryan


One-handed dash

Right on the edge...

Wow, I've got it!

Look at the muscle definition on those legs!