Sunday, 13 January 2013

U14s away at Boardman & Eccles

First trip to B&E for all the players, and this was for the first round of the Centurion Cup.  With a better turn out than last week, it was all guns blazing for a great start in Q1 with B&E yet to score.
A good game for both Sams who each scored their first goal for Stockport - well done boys!
We are now through to the quarter final - to be played on 2nd February against Cheadle Hulme - who beat Timperley B yesterday.

Final Score:  B&E 5 : Stockport 13
Next fixture:  away at Cheadle Hulme (friendly)

A big pat on the back for the U12s who came back in the 4th quarter to beat longstanding rivals, Tinperley A, on our home turf.  A close game with good defending and a gripping last quarter as Matias scored the winning goal with a kick of the ball!
Well done boys for keeping going right till the final whistle.
Final Score : Stockport 5  Timperley A 4
Quarter scores:  0-2 / 1-0 / 0-1 / 4-1

Congratualations to all the Stockport teams, as well as the U14s, who won their Cup games today : 1st team against B&E, A team against WACS, and B team against Timperley B.

One on one....

1st game back - and it was a good 'un

Wrong way up Toby!

Taking his time

Watch out Thomas!

on target?

Here we go again...

Oh no - it's come out!


Keeping them at arms length?

Over the line

That made him jump!

Two-pronged attack

3 on one

Eye on the ball

Sunday, 6 January 2013

1st game of the new year!

Over to WACS/Mersey Guild for the 1st game of 2013 for the U12s, and the game got off to a tricky start with WMG scoring the first goal from the first face!  Not letting them take the lead for long, Stockport came back to win the first quarter 1-3.
It was all good from thereon, with WMG opting for free clears before half time was reached, and come the second half, all the newer team members got some good playing time today.  With no penalties awarded for our team, it was a good start to the new year.

Final Score:  WMG 2 : Stockport 9
Quarter scores:  1-3 / 0-4 / 1-2 / 0-0
Scorers: Danny, Cameron
Next fixture :  to be announced later this week

The U14s started the year on their home turf, but with a few regular players missing.  This meant that there was no let-up with no substitutes for a breather!
They gave it their best shot, but were pipped to the post in the final quarter.
A good effort boys

Final Score:  Stockport 8 : Mellor 6
Next fixture:  1st round of the Centurion Cup - opponent to be advised!

It's all happening now!

Bit of a balancing act!

Goal for Cameron (back of goalie's foot)

Showing a bit of leg

Do not cross this line!

Floating happily along

Going for a high check

He looks tall!

Staying focused

Let's tickle him!

Coming through!

Big throw-in

Hey, let go of my leg!

Defending in Attack

Who do you think you're pushing??

Good shot on goal for Will (good save by keeper!)

All the new boys getting a piece of action

Yes! I got it!!

Looks a bit clumsy, but it was a good check!