Wednesday, 29 January 2014

U14s v Sheffield

On a very soft pitch, the U14s met Sheffield for the first time at home this season.  And in Q1 it looked like they had the upper hand, holding possession well, and pulling in front before the blues woke up!
Soon back in the swing though, and Stockport got stronger as the game went on, although Sheffield's faces were strong and the blues had to win back possession more often than not.
With 6 goal scorers this week, we weren't short of shooters - another hard fought win.

Final Score - Stockport 12 : Sheffield 5
Scorers:  Ed (3), Danny (3), Max (2), Thomas Mc (2), Callum (1), Ryan (1).

Next fixture - at home vs Timperley A

U12s scored 12 and kept a clean sheet against Poynton A on Saturday - with 5 different goal scorers on the score sheet! Well done to all the boys.
Final Score - Stockport 12 : Poynton A 0
Next fixture - away against Timperley A in the quarter finals of the Onondaga Cup!

Keep it there...

Careful not to tread on it!

up you get!

Save for Sheffield!

stumbling around!

Good save!

Bottoms up!

Does he know the ball's on the floor...?

cossack dancing by Sheffield!


getting cosy

Putting the pressure on


Bit of on-pitch stretching?


successful check by the cousins

Has the guy on the left really got 4 legs?

stick up!

On yer 'ead!

Good check

Goal for Danny!

getting squashed

Sunday, 19 January 2014

U14s v Rochdale

The U14s first match since December 14th! and, in the first quarter it took them a while to find their feet.  Rochdale looked strong - holding possession and scoring a couple of times before Stockport woke up!
The second half saw Stockport dominating the game though, as they clocked up another win.
Final Score - Stockport 13 : Rochdale 4

Next fixture - at home vs Sheffield
Defenders run through


Saved in spite of Mike's best effort!

How tall...?

Ben escapes!
With a hop and a skip...

Save :-(

Back of the net!

And you can't even see the wires!


Nope, it's mine!

Going over....

I'm coming past

Goal, in spite of goalie's fancy footwork

And another one!

Over again...!

Don't come near my legs with that longpole

On its way....
And, in!
Balancing act

U12s v Timperley A (11th Jan)

The first of two games against Timperley's A team - the 2nd being on the 1st Feb in the Cup.... And, it was a good job that this game wasn't that one! Not our best performance by a long chalk.  Lots of room for improvement before the next one!

Final Score - Stockport 7 : Timperley A 8
Quarter scores: 3-2 / 2-0 / 0-2 / 2-4

This Saturday saw the U12s take on Timperley's B team - and come out on top.
Final Score - Stockport 14 : Timperley B 1

Next fixture : at home vs Poynton A
Up close check

Going in hard!


saved by the goalie, unfortunately

"Don't worry, I've stopped that stick"!

Oh, another save by their goalie

Phew, caught it!

Follow that ball!

taking it steady...

How tall??

Getting ready to pounce

Big guy marks Little guy

And, in it goes!


Mine! no, mine!