Wednesday, 14 May 2014

U12s 1st Coldwell Cup game vs TASIS A

U12s got to play TASIS A first (The American School in Surrey)
Final score - Stockport 5 : TASIS 1

Well spotted!

Forcing the pass 
Looking fast!

He shoots....

He scores!

Get ready Cameron!

Back of the net!

oh no! Down he goes...

right between his feet!

Just practising my face-off technique....

U12s Coldwell Cup game vs Portsmouth Pythons

As the team played Portsmouth Pythons (good name!) twice, I'm not sure which game this is...
Final score Game 1 - Stockport 5 : Portsmouth 2
Final score Game 2 - Stockport 8 : Portsmouth 0

Is there a hole in my crosse?

If I close my eyes, they won't see me!


Short-pole Luca!

Here it comes!

I'll have this ball if you're having a lie down...

side netting??

Push harder!

U12s Coldwell Cup game vs TASIS

U12 vs TASIS (B I think)
Final Score - Stockport 6: TASIS B 6
After Golden Goal Stockport 6 : TASIS 7

Slamming it in

Hovering ball

who'll get to it first...?

Getting ready for a BIG throw!


U14s Coldwell Cup 1st Game vs Poynton

Game 1 vs Poynton A
Final Score - Stockport 5 : Poynton 7
Looking for the pass

Over he goes...

Ball's gone Ed!

And he's off!


And another!

U14s Game 2 Coldwell Cup vs TASIS

Game 2 vs TASIS (The American School in Surrey)
Final Score - Stockport 9 : TASIS 0
It's behind you!

Looks like he's in a track event!

Building up some speed

Safely in Ben's stick

Behind you!

Look at the ball Kai!


Orange-socks can see it

Back of the net for Thomas

U14s Coldwell Cup Game 3 vs Sele/Welwyn

Game 3 vs Welwyn/SeleSchool
Final Score - Stockport 19 : Sele/Wely 0

On the score sheet

Short pole Sam!

And another!

Where's the goalie been?

Scoop it up

Is he still facing off?

Your ball Ryan!

Can he miss from there?

Good check!

Stick down goalie...

Snack time

U14s Game 4 Coldwell Cup vs Mellor

Game 4 vs Mellor
Final score - Stockport 9 : Mellor 3


Leaping to the goal

Don't come near me!

In it goes

Dodging round Elliot

That's got to go in!


Floating on by