Friday, 31 October 2014

U14s make the trip across the Pennines

Across the Pennines to Sheffield, for a sunny game against the Reds - and a much better game it was than last week's offering.  Much more get up and go - even though we didn't win!
With Red's No. 31 unbeatable on the face, we did well to win back any possession and put some goals in the back of their net, especially as we had only 10 players, so no subs.
Final Score - Sheffield 13 : Stockport 6
Quarter scores - 2-3 / 5-1 / 3-2 / 3-0
next fixture - away v Brooklands

just got a grip on that one!

good ground ball!

Back of the net!

Poor squashed Tom!

One for Tom on its way in

"just leave me alone"...

clash of the longpoles

hovering - but not for long

going round to goal

heading for the check

keep away from me!

how wide are those legs?!



rolling round...

might be a headcheck!??

one on one with goalie

just poke him to see if he's alive!

surrounded by defenders

that goalie looks surprised

come on blue - there's 3 of you!

guess who's hiding??

another good save

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

U12's 'V' Cheadle

In a reverse fixture from the first game of the season, it was another excellent, well fought victory.  Stockport running in winners 10-7, with Q1 5-1, Q2 2-0, Q3 2-3, and Q4 1-3.  Stockport dominated the first half, with players now looking familiar in their positions, with some excellent play.  The second half, we allowed Cheadle a little way back, as we lost site of their goal.    Excellent goalkeeping from Ben and Aaron, with Ben making 9 saves during the first half.  We managed 5 different scorers today, and the first and last goals of the day were from one end to the other with us passing the ball well culminating in goals.
Our midfielders working in tandem.  I think?

Hugo, with only eyes for the ball.

Excellent running from Matthew

Ashley enjoying the change of weather!

Cameron, looking for a pass.

Team Clear Success!

All action Heroes!

Marley, teeing up one of his goals

Joe, poised for attack.

Adam, getting checked

Here come the Men in Blue

Ben, who is working hard at the other end of the field.

Friday, 24 October 2014

U12s 'V' Poynton

In a very competitive game of lacrosse, Stockport came out victorious 13-10.  It is fair to say that all the players put it in, as a team, and with 7 different scorers we can all be pleased with the contribution.  Special thanks to Ben and Marley for taking their turn in goal. 

All bow down to Luke

Catch me if you can!

Stonewall Defending
One of our 7 scorers, Ashley
William, Pushing out his chest

Aaron, let the big lad get hit

Rhys, trying to slide it in

Defending as a team
Its lonely being a keeper!

Superman impersonation by Ben
The funniest thing I have seen on a lacrosse pitch.  A pile on, believe it or not Aaron is at the bottom of that?

Ashley needing some running repairs

Thursday, 23 October 2014

U14s v Timperley B

A bit of a 'flat' game for the U14s this week. Only 9 a side due to Timperley B being a bit short - and we had loaned Callum to the U16s too.  Well done to top scorer today - Ryan with 8 goals!
Final Score - Stockport 10 : Timperley B 4
Next fixture - away at Sheffield

Is Ren the only one watching the guy with the ball...?


Running into a spot of bother

run through him Luke!

another little bit of bother

Chuck it Louis!

Chasing the opposition


well placed check

taking a knee??

Not sure what's going on with the Timperley guys?

gotta be a goal

stick juggling?

go for it!

going in to goal?

'behind the back' fail!

push him out!

Here it comes!