Tuesday, 24 February 2015

U14s away at Norbury

A muddy pitch at Norbury was this week's U14 venue, and a slow start in a close game led to a loss for the team... Norbury scored in the dying seconds of the game to give them a two goal win!
Final score - Norbury 10 : Stockport 8
Quarter scores:  3-2 / 4-2 / 2-3 / 1-1
next fixture - at home v Mellor

Also, come along at 2pm on Sat to watch the 1st team at home vs Heaton Mersey (who beat Cheadle last week!).

taking the pass

Stockport Matt vs Norbury Matt

good catch for Tom

Goal (behind goalie's leg)

dirty already!

back of the net!

great save from James

Lewis leads the defence

Leaping Luke

clash of the sticks

ground ball off the grass/mud!

that's not the goalie?

sun before the downpour

is that over the line?

Matias springs into action

you've lost the ball!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

U12's Away at Poynton

In an end to end match, Stockport came up short against Poynton, losing 8-5.  Stockport gained the early advantage, with a goal from Cameron, and the first quarter finished 2-2.  From here on in, the game could have gone either way.  Unfortunately, Stockport didn't kick on and Poynton dominated the next two quarters, with a 3-1 in Q2 and a 2-0 in Q3.  Stockport did manage to win Q4 1-2, but no heroic comeback this week.  Until next week, when we play Poynton at Home.  Well done to Ben and Marley for their work in goal.

All keen, and ready to go

1st Goal of the Day for Cameron

Put your back into it

Strong Defending

Ashley showing a clean pair of heels

Is that a shove?

Matthew closing in

Marley about to let loose

Adam under pressure

Cameron closing him down

Looking for a clean pass

Whose is that loose stick? 

Ben closing in on goal

Two goal Hugo, doing a spot of juggling

Working as a team

U14s at home v WMG

A definite game of four quarters - with no score for us in Q1 or Q3, and a load of last minute goals in Q4! A slow start and a bit of a scrappy game, but it was a win for the U14s.
Final Score - Stockport 12 : WMG 8
Quarter scores - 0-2 / 4-1 / 0-3 / 8-2
Next fixture - away v Norbury

heading him off at the pass

taken aback...

leap to it!

take it away Tom

I'll hold him back while you get the ball

where's that player's head gone?

yes, he catches it again!

booting it away

he can't miss from there (he doesn't!)

how to get round there to goal?

off you go!

tumbling Tom

Goal for a prostrate Matias!

what's he doing to our goalie?

Friday, 13 February 2015

U16s away at WACS/Mersey/Guild

Over to WACS for a close game against a merged WACS/heaton Mersey side.  We won two quarters, drew one and lost one, and near controversy with a goal going right through the back of the net!
Final score - WMG 10 : Stockport 9
Quarter scores - 2-3 / 2-3 / 3-0 / 3-3

opening goal for Mike

good groundball scoop

did he trip, or was he pushed?

fumble on the face

definitely a goal, although it went through the back of the net!

that's a tall stretch!

Goal! (above no. 9's stick)

piggyback, or leapfrog

another one goes in


Ben takes a swipe

out of his area again!

floating away....


sticking with his man...

still there

oof! down like a sack of spuds

what's he doing there?!