Thursday, 11 June 2015

Manchester Challenge - U15s Final v Poynton

And on to the final U15s game of the day where our boys met Poynton for the second time in the tournament. It was a really close game that could have gone either way.
At all square at full time, Poynton scored a final goal, giving them the win...
Final Score - Stockport 6 : Poynton 7

Pacing it out

Great goal Sam!

Obscured, but a goal in for Mike, I think...

That one's in... or was it... or was he in the crease...???

Taking on the longpole

You're not coming past me

ooh - how did he score that?

that's definitely in

And that one 

Duck under and run, while I distract him!

Back of the net for Thomas

Nice one Ed

We're not letting that one in either

Manchester Challenge - U13s semi final v Mellor

 Through to the semi finals and like the U15s, up against a club we had already met today. A slightly different story but after a slow first half (0-4 to Mellor) we came back but not to win unfortunately
Final score - Stockport 3 : Mellor 5 (I think...)

Give it to me!

Stay back!

Goal for Matthew

Oh, unlucky Luke!

Did that get past that squat keeper?

Manchester Challenge - U15s semi final v Brooklands

We made it to the semis, to come up against Brooklands again. It was a closer game this time, and a great game to watch with us pipping them to the finals with just one goal:
Final score - Stockport 7 : Brooklands 6

Looking for a way to goal

Did it go in? Can you see it?

Here come the Monkees?

Looks like that Brooklands player's faceplanted!

Back of the net for Mike

Beat the keeper

Manchester Challenge - U13s game 4 v Cheadle

Last of the round robin games against Cheadle, and I think we won (eye off the ball with Danny's slight injury!)
Final Score ... Stockport 5 : Cheadle 4 (I think?)

Go Tom!

Look out behind you!

Is he limbo-ing backwards over No. 23's stick??

Take a knee, and... goal!

Back of the net

who's gonna get it first?

Manchester Challenge - U13s game 3 v Cheadle Hulme

U13s game 3 gave them another win against Cheadle Hulme
Final Score - Stockport 4 : Cheadle Hulme 1

Looking relaxed

Good check

Ok, ball's gone now

It's a goal for Tom!

Has he got his arms in a twist??

Don't let him shoot!


And one for Luke

Manchester Challenge - U15s game 3 v Brooklands

This was actually the U15s' fourth game, but I didn't see their 13-2 win against Rochdale!
This was another win though - taking us to a place in the semi finals.
Final Score - Stockport 8 : Brooklands 2

can't remember if he saves that...!

That's definitely in though

He's wondering how that one got past

Kept one out at our end though

goal for Ed

Employing a distration technique

Was the ground that soft?

good save Ben!

not sure who dropped it, but it's by Sam's ankle now

Good goal Sam!

Manchester Challenge - U13s game 2 v Mellor

Second game against a strong Mellor side, and we did well.  Game 2 finished a draw
Final score - Stockport 6 : Mellor 6

Come back here...

Russian dancing from Mellor's keeper

ok, where's the ball...?

Going for the Bolt??

Is Danny between those two?!

It's a goal!